“The Finder’s Daughter”

Learn about Czech and Slovak immigration in the US at “The Finder’s Daughter”  free event presented by the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, on Saturday August 16, 2014 at The Theater of Western Springs. More info at http://www.ncsml.org/Events/20140816/374/The-Finders-Daughter-Chicago.aspx

You will see a play based on the interviews of Czech and Slovak immigrants who participated in the NCSML’s “Oral History Project”. Written by Working Group Artistic Director Sean Christopher Lewis, The Finder’s Daughter is the tale of a family struggling under the oppression of the Russian regime. Marek (played by Lewis) is struggling to simultaneously raise Jitka (Maria Vorhis), the daughter of his best friend – who was taken by the Russians eight years previously and never seen again – and continue his friend’s work publishing underground newspapers alongside Jan (Kristy Hartsgrove Moors). As the “vanishings” of political dissidents get closer and closer, Marek is torn between protecting his family and fighting for his people.

'The Finder's Daughter'

Dr. Susan Mikula, Acting Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Benedictine University, was interviewed about her escape from to the U.S. from Slovakia as part of this oral history project. Susan will serve on the panel after the play. You can view Oral History Project interviews on the NCSML website: http://www.ncsml.org/Content/Oral-Histories.aspx

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